Chairman’s Profile

Sarvesh Goel

Chairman, G.D. Goenka Public School Lucknow

“We develop each child’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder in the world exposing students to a wide spectrum of disciplines and wealth of experiences designed to ensure a lifelong love of learning”

Mr. Sarvesh Kumar Goel, our honourable chairman, was born into a business family in Rewari, Haryana in 1975. Right from a young age, Mr. Goel took keen interest in the family business; his growing up years found him learning the subtle nuances of business management from the family elders. With the teachings and blessings of his family members improving his business acumen and confidence day by day, Mr. Goel successfully established a timber business in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh when he was as young as 18.

Today, with an experience of more than 22 years in diverse business ventures, Mr. Goel is an inspiration for many. He has proved his mettle time and again with the foundation of BPO’s, trade units dealing in tiles, stones, marbles, plywood and food grains, rice mills, cold storage units, brick fields, and coal mining, among many more, within a span of 10 years. With each new inception, his vision kept expanding. In 2010, he opened the Lucknow branch of GD Goenka Public School and the rest they say is history.

Under his mentorship and guidance, the school has successfully carved a niche for itself amidst a number of prominent schools in the region. Currently, GD Goenka Public School is one of the leading CBSE schools of Lucknow and holds a rank in the top 80 schools of India.