How To Select The 
Best CBSE School In Lucknow For Your Child

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We’re all aware of the importance that primary education holds in the initial years of a child.
A child’s mind in the early stages of learning is more active and dynamic as compared to that of an adult, giving parents all the right reasons to focus on quality education to lay a concrete foundation of wisdom, intellect and good academic skills.

As the new academic session is about to begin, the hunt for the best schools in the city will soon be on fire. But before you start making your list, there are few things that you should keep in mind to find the perfect school for your child.

Stop fancying, start researching

Avoid selecting best CBSE school in Lucknow on the basis of its popularity. Looks can be deceptive. Sometimes a school’s actual curriculum doesn’t include what’s been promised. First, research about the schools and shortlist them on the basis of …

  • Education Board 

Deciding the education board is the first step of the process. Different boards (C.B.S.E. ICSE & IB) stand for different syllabus with different approaches and future career prospects

  • Vision and ideology 

A school’s vision (Link it to vision) is emblematic to its values and culture that it bestows to students. It will help you analyze the ideology of the institution and will bubble mailers state how it can benefit your child

  • School Management 

A deep insight on Promoters and Management (Link it to about us) is an essential aspect to be kept under focus while researching about the school, as it will make you familiar with the school’s conduct and other

Evaluate and re-evaluate 

Secondly, make a list of schools emphasizing on both Academic and other Co-Curricular activities. In this way you’ll be able to shortlist the ones that have a perfect blend of both. Analyze and compare them on the basis of Facilities like

  • Location and Transportation and other
  • Security measures
  • Monitoring facilities for parents like School App and Online Portal
  • Awards and its Achievements (Link to achievements)

Get real time insights

And finally, after shortlisting the schools, visit them personally on a working day to get some detailed insights about their culture, conduct and infrastructure (Link to culture and infrastructure) and other facilities. Also consult parents (Link to parents’ testimonial) whose ward is already studying in that school.

Key areas to focus 

  • Teacher’s Behavior
  • Safety protocols
  • Classroom infrastructure
  • Basic Amenities